3 Easy Tips of How to Improve TOEFL Score

3 Easy Tips of How to Improve TOEFL Score

October 12, 2018 0 By admin

There are many ways of how to improve TOEFL score. However, we’ve collected the easiest tips to help you get the score of your dream. What are they?

Be more aware with the time

It is not a secret that there a lot of questions in TOEFL which trap most students to think longer. The effect is that they become unaware that they only have limited time to do the rest of the questions. How to cope with this issue? You need to learn to scan and skimming especially in reading the section to save much time. Fortunately, even though your answer is wrong in this test, you won’t lose a point. So, try to make guess for questions that you are not sure what the answers are.

Analyze the questions

Analyzing questions is essential to kill the test successfully. You shouldn’t be reckless in skimming or scanning the questions and answers because you will end up choosing the wrong answer. Take a look at every question and answer carefully. After you answer it, make sure you do a short double-check before you move on to the next question.

Practice and memorize

Even though you can write important words during the section of Listening, it is still important to practice your listening skill before taking the test. Have 20 minutes to study each day and try to have the skills to remember what keys are important. It will help you get through the Listening section easier and you won’t waste your time thinking about the right answer. In fact, the real Listening section in TOEFL can even take an hour which is so tiring. If you don’t practice it at home, you won’t get the maximum score.

We hope that you can keep practicing skills as how to improve TOEFL score. Don’t skip any question and it’s better to still answer a question instead of leaving it unanswered.