3 Recommended Universities in Germany for International Students

3 Recommended Universities in Germany for International Students

October 4, 2018 0 By admin

Germany is not famous for the high-quality education in the world but it is popular for being a supportive and friendly country for international students. Universities in Germany apply an affordable cost for lecturing so that it becomes a lecturing destination. The international students pay the lecturing cost same as local students. Even, many universities give free lecturing cost. Here is the list of great universities in Germany.

Freie University of Berlin

The first recommended university in Germany is called to be Freie University of Berlin. This is a research university seeding the top rank in Germany and becomes the biggest research university in Berlin. This university is aimed at fulfilling the third part of students’ population with international students. This university is dominant in a branch of arts, literature, and social science. This university also has some branch offices in Belgium, Russia, China, Egypt, India, and the US having a strong relationship with many universities in Germany to serve students from those countries.

Technical University Munich

TUM is one of the recommended universities in Germany. It has sed the highest rank in World University Rankings. This university is dominant in the technical field having 5.000 international students (16% of the student population). Because the superiority of this university is technic and research, TUM cooperates with some popular universities such as MIT, Cornell, Georgia Tech, and Stanford. This university also has a strong relationship in Europe and Asia.

Humboldt University of Berlin

Humboldt is one of the oldest universities in Berlin. 10 % of the students consist of international students. Humboldt is a research university offering many chances cooperating many teaching staffs in some fields such as science, weather research, quantitative economy, and further study. The students getting interested in scientific research are recommended to register it. Those are some recommended universities in Germany.